The amazing goats behind our soap!


The Good Boy

Oreo here,

​I might be one of the youngest, but I'm definitely the wisest.

​Frequent blogger, avid escapee, working on evening out my tan.

​10/10 rating as a good boy.

​12/10 ladies man.

​Author of A Goat's Guide Through the 12 Steps


The Alpha

Hey there,

​I'm the serious one, the alpha and the omega.

Spend most of my days working on patience, grazing and being the naughty one.

​Author of Making Amends


Too Cute To Handle

This girl is all grown up, but doesn't she still look like a baby? 

Too cute to handle (or too cute to be fenced in might be more appropriate...)

While he is grazing inside the fences, Heidi can often be seen slipping through the defences looking for greener grass.


The Mom

Ainslie here,

See these tired eyes?

​Living my best life on the farm.

​I'm the mom of the two teenagers - god, grant me the serenity!

Author of Ain't Nobody got Time for That

The Babies

Jackson & Heidi

Aren't we the absolute cutest?