The amazing animals & farm behind our producs!

Farming with Hope!

Farming teaches us the value of hard work. Whether it's in sowing crops, caring for animals, or nurturing plants, putting in the effort and then discovering joy in the harvest is so rewarding!

Explore the humble little farm that produces Covered By Hope products!

Gardens & Horticulture

It's been said that "a garden feeds more than the table, it feeds the soul". At CBH, we embrace this sentiment whole-heartedly! Many of our seasonal products include veggie boxes, flower gardens, and so much more!

Goats & Chickens

With over ten goats and twenty chickens at any given time, animal care is a big part of the everyday routine  Our chickens ensure we have fresh eggs every day at the table and our goats are the biggest contributors to our Goat Milk Products including soap, lotion, & shampoo!


So much of what we do here at Covered By Home is powered by community. Whether it's a good ol' fashioned barn raising or learning a new skill, our community continues to show up in meaningful ways that allow us to pursue our vision of empowering women through social enterprise!