Margaret Nichols-MacAdam

Executive Director

Having worked in Addiction Services with the Cape Breton Health Authority for 16 years, Margaret is a veteran in addiction treatment services. She has extensive additional experience in addiction counselling and patient advocacy, including:

  • facilitating programming focused on women with addictions in rural areas with the Elizebeth Fry Society,
  • working on accreditation teams for CBHA and Addictions Services,
  • initiating AA/GA meetings for women in Sydney and Baddeck, as well as the Sydney LGBT community,
  • participating on many community boards, including the Every Woman's Centre.

Margaret's experience gives her a broad knowledge of diverse populations and their unique needs. Margaret is also 30 years sober herself and continues to be active in self-help.

Margaret enjoys working out and boating with her husband on the Mira. She is an active member of Cape Breton Christian Fellowship Church.

Zuzana Poláčková

Director of Covered By Hope

After serving as Director of the Ark Community Gardens in the United Kingdom, Zuzana joined us in January 2020 to become the Director of Covered by Hope, our charity’s social enterprise devision. Zuzana studied Landscape Architecture at the Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra and Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Viken County.

Zuzana has over 10 years of experience working in horticulture, small scale farming, and specializing in open green spaces used for horticulture therapy. She has a special interest in working with technology that supports healthier environments, sustainable lifestyles, and people in need.

Over the past few years, Zuzana has lived and worked in many countries (including Norway, Nepal, USA, Slovakia, China, Mongolia, Zambia, & the UK), which brings a lot of fresh prospective and experience to our team!

Dr. Laura Whyte & Andrew S.

Co-Founders & Board Chair

Laura and Andrew are co-founders of the Hope Project, originally starting the initiative in 2014. The two now serve on our board of directors, with Laura serving as the board's chair.

Andrew is a pharmacist with Lawton's Pharmacy, and Laura serves as a physician at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital.

Together they have three incredible little children.