Welcome to Hope House

We are a live-in recovery home for women seeking healing from addictions, located in Cape Breton, NS.

The Grounds

Our grounds are nestled on the cliffside of the beautiful Watson River, which leads out in the Atlantic Ocean. In summer, our large flower gardens boast beautiful colours and smells. In fall, it's a magical scene as our tall hardwoods turn a dazzling red and orange.

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The Living Room

Our living room is a bright and colourful space where much of the group programming takes place. Everything about the room is design to help residents feel strong, comfortable, and secure.

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The Barn

Our barn is home to ten goats at any given time. They are milked daily, supplying us with the high-quality goat milk to make our Covered By Hope soaps!

Our farmstead is also home to a brood of chickens who provide delicious eggs each day and a cute wee barn cat who keeps the grounds safe and secure!

Beyond our farm animals, the Hope House proudly keeps large gardens that supply nutritious vegetables throughout the year. We're looking forward to erecting a new greenhouse in the coming months that will help us extend our growing season!

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