Farming with Hope

Farming teaches us the value of hard work. Whether it's in sowing crops, caring for animals, or nurturing plants, putting in the effort and then discovering joy in the harvest is so rewarding!

Gardens & Horticulture

It's been said that "a garden feeds more than the table, it feeds the soul". At Hope House, we embrace this sentiment whole-heartedly. When it comes to our garden and horticulture therapy, we've seen residents come alive as they watch the fruits of their labour grow and thrive.

Goats & Chickens

With over ten goats and twenty chickens at any given time, animal care is a big part of the everyday routine at Hope House. Our chickens ensure we have fresh eggs every day at the table and our goats are the biggest contributors to our Covered By Hope goat's milk soap!

Covered By Hope

Covered By Hope is the social enterprise branch of the Hope House and Hope Project Foundation. It employs graduates of our addictions recovery program to craft beautiful artisanal goods and feeds proceeds directly back into the operational costs of the Hope House.